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What moves you?


The need to feel vitality, moving dynamically through space-laterally, vertically, in and out of the floor and in the air.


The memory of communal learning experience through dance class with my fellow contemporary dancers in New York.


The need to create in the form of movement improvisation.


My intellectual interest in movement and the body in relationship to itself, others, and space.


Partnering. I Love Partnering. I am addicted to the complex interplay between trust, potential danger, physics, the unknown and sensing.  




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Mark Schmidt is a choreographer, performer, and educator who first found solace on the dance floors of New York City’s underground house music and LGBTQ club scene in the 1990s. His recent work explores these unique social dance spaces as cultural security zones that simultaneously function as sites of resistance and community building. In addition to studying at The Ailey School, Mark holds a BA with a concentration in Cultural Studies from the New School for Social Research and MFA in Performance and Choreography from SUNY Brockport. As a choreographer, he has presented work at Dixon Place, Kraine Theater, Triskelion Arts, Sia Gallery, Chen Dance Center and Center for Performance Research in New York, and the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, Bol Theater, and ArtLabJ in Detroit. Mark is a cabaret law reform activist and previously served as the Curatorial Committee Vice Chair at Dance Parade Inc. from 2014-2018.


Up Next: The Civic Social.

On September 2, Corning Civic Center Plaza, in the heart of Corning, NY will be reimagined as a social dance hub by NYC-based choreographers Mark Schmidt + Remi Harris. Part performance, part pop-up community dance party, The Civic Social will bring together 9 local performers along with their creative team, dance artist Martita Abril and DJ Krunk Pony. Presented by American Dance Asylum in partnership with Imagine!: Public Art in the Plaza. 

A Day in the Life of an Artist
By: Skilla Productions

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